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This is the page for my PhD dissertation in economics and historical studies.  I recieved the doctorate, along with several of my friends at the same time, in June 2015 at the New School for Social Research in New York City.


Dissertation Concerning a Political Economy of Art with Emphasis on the United States of America

This is the Dissertation Proposal, February 2014.  This is the Dissertation Committee.  


Here is the final dissertation (part of the public record), all five chapters, May 2015.  


Here is the Abstract.

Here is the Power Point presentation for the dissertation defense.


Next, I completed a 3-day "take-home" exam in historical studies towards a dual doctorate in economics and history. Thank you to Oz Frankel and Julia Ott for being the readers for this and for the insightful and challenging question they wanted me to adress. There were two themes for the historical studies work.

This is the bibliography on Visual Art and Nationalism, where I look at the evolution of the nation-state in the West, and uses of art and art movements both towards gathering state-power and also art movements against the hegemony of state-funded art production.

This is the bibliography on the history of 1930's America, from WWI through the Great Depression and the New Deal, and into WWII, from whcih the US became the world's military and economic "super power."

The first exam question I answered was on the 1930's era in the United States, the world's nations retreating into nationalism from WWI through WWII.  I evaluate which events and institutions of the 1930's period were carry-ons from previous periods of American history, and which were new and transformative and specific to the New Deal, effecting socio-economic life in the United States through today.

The second exam was on the historiograpjy (the history of the history) of the New Deal period, where I interpret the New Deal scholarship and create and periodization showing the major research interests into the New Deal, from view on the New Deal effects on the American enterprise system, to the effects on rights of groups and individuals, to the effects of the New Deal on women and blacks, and then how writers view the development of the welfare state.  I also look at the evolution of the ideas of structure and agency in the history writing, and as related to the development of "people's" history or the history of everyday life, and cultural history where I was able to use my work in art and statism from my dissertation, as well as the art and nationalism project discussed above.


Here are some of the books I used for the exam.  You can also see a pop art painting I did of Dennis Hopper when he was arrested in New Mexico in the 1970s.










In Spring 2008 for the historical methods and sources seminar at the New School I put together an exploratory essay on research into the Federal Art Project from the perspective of cultural economics. My dissertation is much more focused than this exploratory piece, nonetheless, it may be of interest.


In Spring 2009 I did an independent study with cultural sociologist Elzbieta Matynia which resulted in a critique of Hauser's Social History of Art (1951) and which includes some value theory.