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The following are some links for economic data and information.  The list is not intended to be inclusive and some of the links can be applied to more than one category but each link only appears once.


Economic History

Center for Economic History (Barcelona)

Economic History Association (USA)

Economic History Society (UK)

European Historical Economics Association (UK)

European Association for Business and Financial History

Federal Reserve Archive

International Economic History Association

Sound Economic History Workshop (Scandanavia)

Washington DC Area Economic History workshops


Yale Program in Economic History


Economics as a Profession

Economic Research Network's Job Openings

American Economic Association JOE


Economics Job Market Rumors


Economics Journals

American Economic Association "EconLit" (Requires AEA log-in)

Economics Journals on the Web


Economic Methodology

Program in Methods and Models of Economics (Italy)



Environmental Protection Agency (USA)

Immigration and Naturalization Service (USA)

Globalization and Sustainable Development Program (Tufts U. USA)


Cultural Economics

Association for Cultural Economics International

International Center for Art Economics (Venice, Italy)

Japan Association for Cultural Economics


Centre for Research on Arts and Economics (Netherlands)



Development Economics

Genuine Progress Indicator

United Nations Development Program

World Bank


Hetereodox and Pluralistic Economics

Hetereodox Economics Newsletter

Union For Radical Political Economics


History of Economics

History of Economics Summer Camp

Charles Gide Association for History of Economic Thought (France)

History of Economics Society

History of Recent Economics

Social Science History Association

Japanese Society for the History of Economic Thought

Study Group for History of Economic Thought (Japan)

Ricardo Society of Japan

Summer Institute for History of Economic Thought (USA)

The History of Economic Thought Society (THETS) (UK)

World Economics Association 

History of Econ Thought webpage developed at New School for Social Research


Evolutionary, Complexity and Agent-Based Economics

Agent-Based Computational Economics (ACE)

Association for Evolutionary Economics

Society for Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents (ESHIA)

Studies in Emergent Order

European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy

Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics


International Economics

European Union

Bank for International Settlements

International Economics Network Portal

International Monetary Fund

International Trade Commission (USA)

KOF Index of Globalization (Switzerland)


Labor Economics

Bureau of Labor Statistics (USA)

Census Bureau income data (USA)


Leading Economic Indicators

Blue Chip Economic Indicators

Conference Board

National Bureau for Economic Research

University of Michigan consumer confidence



Bureau of Economic Analysis (USA)

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Macroeconomic Advisors

National Center for Policy Analysis

United Nations income and social indicator data

University of Pennsylvania "Penn World Tables"



Economists for Peace and Security (USA)

International Institute for Strategic Studies


Monetary Policy

European Central Bank

Federal Reserve Bank (USA)

Federal Rerserve Bank of Kansa City (USA)

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (USA)

Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (USA)

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (USA)

People's Bank of China

Reserve Bank of Australia

Reserve Bank of New Zealand

Swiss National Bank


Online Learning

Marginal Revolution University


Political Economy

Center for Public Choice

Duke University Center for the History of Political Economy

Japanese Society for Political Economy

Institute for Truth in Accounting

NYU Program on the Foundations of the Market Economy

Program Scedule for NYU Colloquium

Society for Development of Austrian Economics

University of Michigan's National Election Studies 

Geopolitical Economy Research Group (Canada)


Public Sector Management and Accountability

Government Accountability Office (USA)

Congressional Budget Office (USA)

Office of Management and Budget (USA)

Center for Effective Government (USA)


Productivity and Innovation

Australia Productivity Commission (OZ)


Public Finance

Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco and Firearms excise tax data (USA)

Census Bureau state and local tax data (USA)

Library of Congress tracking of Congressional tax legislation (USA)

National Conference of State Legislatures bond issue tracking (USA)

Treasury Department public debt data (USA)


Economics Blogs

Greg Mankiw’s Blog

RGE Monitor

Organization & Markets



Game Theorist

Core Economics

Marginal Revolution


The Sports Economist


The Austrian Economists

Café Hayek

Economic Principals

Reasonable Bystanders

Knowledge Problem

Reality Economics

Workers of the World Relax