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I rewrote one of my dissertation chapters on the methodology of art economics, now published in Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology (2017).  The paper shows that art economics is missing in its value theory, the concept of the state using public art towards realzing instrumental value. Public art can create preferences in the median voter experiencing this art for an increase in the state's discretionary power. This can be categorized as "art statism".   I then use archival research from the National Archives to show art-statism during the art production of the New Deal.

Here is the She Ji journal with my article "What's Good for General Motors is Bad for America" (Autumn 2016), about the GM bailout in 2008 and the political economy leading up to this bailout.

I have a chapter in this book (John Heskett's Design and the Creation of Value, Bloomsbury 2017) which looks at Heskett's economics from the point of view of the history of economic thought. I also served as an economics editorial consultant for the book itself.

There are five papers published in the Annual Proceedings of the Global Business Research Symposium:

     The most recent is "The App Economy versus Vested Interests" (2017). This one is "Econogenic Harm, Redress and Economic Health" (2016).  Here is "Reform of a Modern Welfare State through the Basic Income to Re-Start Higher Levels of Economic Growth" (2015). This work is entitled "Alliance Economics and U.S. Overseas Military Presence", where I suggest "user fees" so that US allies don't free-ride on the US taxpayer and so too to create competition (allocative efficiency) in the provisioning of national defense (2014). And this is "Austrian Economics, Regime Uncertainty and the New Normal" (2013).

I have a chapter in this book edited by Guinivere Liberty Nell entitled Basic Income and the Free Market about reforming the bankrupt welfare state.  I quantify the "actually existing" welfare state in the USA and determine how much a Basic Income could be if we replaced the welfare special interests with a universal and general (all treated the same and predictably so) basic income (2013).

Book review for Heterodox Economics Newsletter.  The book reivewed is neat piece of popular history, A Renegade History of the United States by Thaddeus Russell on Free Press.  I review the book in context of political economy as well, August 2013.

Book review for the Journal of the History of Economic Thought, the book is by Stephen Dunn on Cambridge University Press and is about the economics of John Kenneth Galbraith, February 2013.

Book review for the Heterodox Economics Newsletter on Lucien Parpik's Valuing the Unique: Economics of Singularities, February 2013

Research note "Aid and Liberty in West Africa during the Cold War and Post Cold War Periods, 1975-1995", for the Journal of African Development, Spring 2012.

Book review of the Pure Theory of Capital by F.A. Hayek, original publication 1941, reissued by University of Chicago Press 2007, edited by Lawrence H. White. Review of Political Economy, October, 2011.

Book review Castles, Battles & Bombs: How Economics Explains Military History by Jurgen Brauer and Hubert Van Tuyll (University of Chicago, 2008).  Review of Political Economy, April 2011. 

Book review, The Economics of the Great Depression: A Twenty-First Century Look Back at the Economics of the Interwar Years, by Randall E. Parker (Edward Elgar, 2007) in the American Economist.  Spring 2010. 

Book review, The Origin and Development of Financial Markets and Institutions, Jeremy Attack and Larry Neal, editors (Cambridge University Press, 2009), Review of Political Economy. July 2010.

Book review, Labor's Canvas: American Working-Class History and the WPA Art of the 1930s, by Laura Hapke (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008).  April 2009.  Published by the Economic History Association on EH.Net in May 2009.

Entry on "Fiscal Policy", entry on "Public Works Policy", entry on "Economic Stabilization" and entry on "Equity/Debt Capitalization" for Booms and Busts: An Economics Encyclopedia (M.E. Sharpe), 2010. 

Book review, Understanding Capitalism: Competition, Command and Change, 3rd Edition, by Samuel Bowles, Richard Edwards and Frank Roosevelt (Oxford University Press, 2005), Science and Society, June 2008.

Economics for Everyone, Second Edition (a 90 page primer on economics in plain language) was published December 2010 and is available from  The second edition adds to the first by covering central bank intervention in international currency exchange, "distributional effects" of government interventions in the market, and an Austrian School, public choice and institutional economics explanation for the Great Recession.  

"Questioning Development Orthodoxy" on the foreign aid industry in the New School Economic Review September 2007.   The paper combines classical political economy, Hegelian philosophy and institutional economics.

Book Review of Mark Skousen's A Tale of Two Cities on the Chicago and Vienna schools of free-market economic thought in American Economist October 2006 (and here).

Review of David DeRosa's In Defense of Free Capital Markets: The Case Against a New International Financial Architecture in Public Budgeting and Finance, 2002.

"Harmonization of International Acounting Standards: Processes and Policy Steps" in National Public Accountant on how transactions drive policy and how this works in international capital markets (here or here), 1992.


Government Accountability

Article in Journal of Government Financial Management called "Outsourcing and Financial Systems Integration in the Federal Government,” Spring 2001.

Opinion piece in Journal of Government Financial Management, "Getting it right the first time: Accounting, auditing, financial systems and the federal government", 2002.  

Paper, "A Case Study in U.S. Government Financial Management in Cross-Disciplinary Teams" in Public Budgeting and Finance about the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), 1997.