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I have decided to make Economics for Everyone, 2nd Edition available for free as a pdf copy.  I have no more physical copies of the book (and need to write a 3rd edition) so might as well make the 2nd edition available to anyone who might want it.  Note below too you can pay a bitcoin for it if you want :-).  



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You can, if you'd like, buy the eBook version of my Economics for Everyone for one Bitcoin. (Note than when I first started selling the e-copy of my book, the Bitcoin was worth $6, today it is worth more than that :-).  You can learn more about Bitcoin from the Bitcoin Foundation.)  




(Note that there is another step after you click the above before you are committed to buy)





They will notify me and then I will send you the .pdf file of the book (the condition is that you don't monetize the file, and if you do, share the proceeds with me 50-50). 



If there are any questions please email me at cameron_weber@hotmail.com



Thank you.









And, the Gold Standard in Rock n' Roll:


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